Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery 

is an arts & cultural centre enriching life, land & tradition.

Farm fresh food from living soils, an electric farm ute, tall stories, & seasonal workshops to share the learning and fun. Searching for the good life? You’ve come to the right place.

  •  Our weekend in Manjimup with your charity, Stellar Violets together with the warm hospitality of Peter and Lynne at Dingup House made for a very special mother and daughter weekend away...... We'll certainly be making a return trip and have already started spreading the word that Manjimup is a great escape for weary city souls.  Debra Lunt, Perth

    Talk Your Peace NVC workshop
  • “The lady’s got the lot! 

    That was my (and others like me from the comments I heard) impression of Lucinda after she so confidently chaired a lengthy forum at a major federal government conference in Queensland recently. 

    Eloquent, obviously intelligent with a manner and “dead pan” wit that engages all and importantly, genuinely spans the generations without effort.” 

    Michael Fryszer, Managing DirectorThe Connect Group

Committee of Management

  • Kate Gargett
    Kate GargettChairperson
    • Lucinda Giblett
      Lucinda GiblettFounder & Manager
    • Jon Doust
      Jon DoustVice-Chair
    • Bianca Vallentine
      Bianca VallentineSecretary
    • Mark & Jenefer Eyers
      Mark & Jenefer EyersInternational Committee Members
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