Donating to Stellar Violets is a long term investment in creating health

for people, for the land, and our future on earth.

Stellar Violets is a DGR Australian Registered Charity.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Proceeds go toward our projects.

Join leading Australian landscaping company, Regal Innovations Pty Ltd, and become one of our sponsors by making a gift today.

Has your business had a good year? If you’re looking to make a donation that will make an inspiring difference to the world, supporting Stellar Violets may be just the ticket.

Why support Stellar Violets?

Do you want to make a donation that helps people learn to live enriched, healthy, environmentally conscious lives? How about  supporting tree planting and land enrichment for future generations? All donations also further development of practical, innovative projects which together map a blueprint for healthy & sustainable living in the 21st century.


Make a Gift Today

Thanks to private donations, and sponsorship from Regal Innovations and the Landscape Association of NSW & ACT, Stellar Violets is delivering inspirational projects like our region’s very first 100% Electric Farm Ute. Supporting Stellar Violets is one of the most important investments you could make for the future of our planet. Build a healthy, vibrant future for our descendants, and our land by making a gift today.

Education & Life Enrichment

Fusing our environmental ethos with multi-cultural traditions from around the world, we create inspirational educational tools, such as workshops and films, to help people learn to live fulfilling, healthy, environmentally-conscious lives.

Our Commitments

Tree Planting & Land Enrichment

Stellar Violets is deeply committed to ensuring land becomes and remains rich and fertile for future generations. We create educational tools and events  like Trees for Mum to share how to care for the land with others.

Sustainable Living ~ Tradition & Innovation in Harmony

We operate one of Australia’s first 100% Electric Farm Utes, and soon, we’ll be creating an Educational Farm & Sustainable Building for Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum and Gallery

  • Gwendolyn Wenli
    Gwendolyn Wenli Chairperson
  • Lucinda Giblett
    Lucinda Giblett Founder & Manager
  • Jon Doust
    Jon Doust Vice-Chair
  • Bianca Vallentine
    Bianca Vallentine Secretary
  • Mark & Jenefer Eyers International Committee Members
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