What is Biochar?

Biochar, or biological charcoal, is an organic soil improver. Working like a sponge, this multi-talented material can hold much more than its weight in water, nutrients, help with drainage, and enable filtration. 

Biochar is a carbon rich product made by putting any kind of plant material into a slow burning, oxygen-deprived environment. We’re working toward creating a biochar machine to enable us to realise the possible benefits of this fascinating production process and product.

“Biochar may represent the single most important initiative for humanity’s environmental and agricultural future.” Dr Tim Flannery

Charcoal - yep, the same stuff you find left in the wood stove when the fire goes out. A-mazing

Three-Fold Benefits

We see three clear benefits in producing biological charcoal on any scale: to enrich the land, to create energy from waste, and to sequester carbon.


“Free” electricity through gas from forest, farm & household waste

Stellar Violets is working to develop a gasifier that releases the energy stored in waste wood, and turns it into electricity, to run household and farm appliances, including the 100% electric farm ute. By motoring on electricity powered from waste wood-gas, the electric farm ute provides ‘fossil-fuel free” transportation.


Charcoal “Biochar” Carbon Sequestration

The greatest deficiency in Australian soils is carbon. Charcoal, “biochar,” is the stablest, longest lasting form of carbon available. And, charcoal just happens to be a by-product of the wood gasification process. The creation of biochar is a carbon-negative activity. Every time biochar is put into the ground, more carbon is sequestered, thus, providing a remedy to the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels.


Create “Terra Preta” with Biochar

We\’re presently learning from German experts how to make rich, black, fertile soil using biochar, and will be adding more about it in coming weeks. Want more biochar info in the meantime? See The Biochar Project based in New South Wales, Australia.

Badge-Char Mobile


We’re partners in an exciting Kickstarter campaign from BadgerChar Mobile to build, operate, and de-bug the first Farm and Pocketbook Friendly MOBILE Biochar Production System.

BadgerChar Mobile have pledged to produce kits and plans for farmers to build their own, “using real world economics all the way – with better soil and profits for Farmers – the best reasons you can give them”. 

When we receive the pledged plans, we’ll assess if this is the right machine for us to build.

badge-char mobile

Hunting Biochar Machines

We want to produce biochar and create excess gas to convert to electricity, with a machine similar to this one from Badge-Char Mobile. Contact us if you can help.

Book a talk or presentation

To book a presentation, demonstration or talk about Biochar, please contact Stellar Violets’ Founder, Lucinda Giblett.

Biochar Resources

For more information about Biochar, check out Biochar Project, based in New South Wales, Australia, the fabulous Dr Biochar‘s blog, or the Badge-Char Mobile Kickstarter campaign.

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