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Stellar Violets operates one of Australia’s first 100% electric farm utes, enabling on, and off-farm activities, and providing a show-case to all Australians about how to get around, as part of our renewable future.

In the early days of Stellar Violets while researching our transportation options, we discovered that electric motors are almost three times as efficient as petrol motors. Electric motors are 80% efficient, as opposed to petrol engines’ efficiency of about 30%. After more research and much consideration, we decided that along with our tandem bicycle, an electric ute was necessary to suit Stellar Violets’ rural operations and environmental ethos.

 Vehicle Selection

Our 100% Electric Ute was converted by Rod Dilkes & Jamie Pardoe of EV Power, in Margaret River. To begin, we purchased a 2010 model Proton Jumbuck utility, on advice of Rod. We went with this make and model for two reasons.

One, it was relatively lightweight and more likely to go greater distances once converted. Secondly, Rod and his off-sider, Jamie Pardoe, had both already converted a Proton to electric for themselves, and therefore had the know-how, and were agreeable to doing ours.

Newton Orchards of Manjimup, one of our sponsors, donated mechanics’ time to remove the engine, and we towed the ute across to Margaret River in early 2013. EV Power then  began the conversion work.

Conversion complete: February 2014      |        Road registered: March 2014

Technical Information | Specs

  • Clutchless conversion
  • Motor: Greatland Electrics from EV Power, Margaret River. PM20 – permanent magnet running on an AC synchronous waveform from the (Greatland) controller
  • Drivetrain:  Permanent Magnet AC motor (PMAC)
  • Controller: Greatland Electrics AC
  • Batteries: 90 x 100 amp-hours CALB (China Aviation Lithium Battery) Lithium Iron Phosphate
  • System voltage: 300 volts
  • Charger:  2kw

  • Heater: 150w dashboard blow heater
  • Instrumentation
  • EV Power BMS Monitor (Volts, Amps, Amp-hours, % State of Charge, and also a 0-5V fuel gauge powered by the BMS)
  • Top Speed: 120Kph
  • Acceleration: Much better than Internal Combustion version
  • Range: 150-200 kms depending on driving style and speed
  • Conversion time: 150hrs labour
  • Conversion cost: 30K +

We’re advised there will be little to no service or parts replacement likely to be required over a 10 year period.

Technical information & parts

For technical information and parts, please visit EV Power online, or contact Rod Dilkes at EV Power, Caves Road, Margaret River.

Book a talk or presentation

To book a presentation, demonstration or talk about our 100% Electric Ute, please contact Stellar Violets’ Founder, Lucinda Giblett.

Power & renewable energy

We have “green power” to charge the ute, and we’re keen to create energy to power the batteries through biochar production. Contact us to discuss ideas around power & renewable energy.

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