Growing Our Own

We’re working toward providing for most of our food needs at Stellar Violets. Beginning first with kitchen garden vegetables and herbs, we’re now developing a 10m x 20m mini-market garden, which we’ll invite people to visit and learn from.

There’s nothing quite like the taste of your first ever home-grown broccoli, or garlic, or beetroot… anything actually. Being able to walk outside the kitchen door and pick herbs or fresh vegetables for dinner is a way of life we’re so in love with, well, there’s no turning back. 

Preserving the harvest

Pantry shelves lined with colourful preserves is one of the most satisfying sights a person can create for themselves! Preserves from the home garden – or the neighbour’s for that matter – tend to have a taste that bought goods just can’t rival.

It feels so good knowing we have enough preserved summer tomatoes to whip up a pasta sauce, or maybe an exotic Egyptian koshari, anytime throughout Winter and Spring, without going to the shops.Our pantry is always stocked with a variety of jams and chutneys, tomato sauce for BBQs, and lacto-fermented vegetables.  Preserving the harvest was a way of life for most of our grandparents, and we think it’s one worth carrying forth long into the future.

A nod to our mentors

Our organic market gardening mentors are Eliot Coleman of Four Season Farm in Maine, USA, and Joyce Wilkie and Michael Plane of Allsun Farm & Gundaroo Tiller, New South Wales, Australia.

We highly recommend books by Eliot, and courses with AllSun Farm, which in the past have been hosted by Milkwood Permaculture. Almost all our high quality market gardening tools have been sourced from the Allsun tool shop, Gundaroo Tiller. Allsun’s e-book has already rpoved to be an irreplaceable resource, as we’ve planed and begun planting our first 10 x 20 metre bed, temperate climate , diversified organic vegetable rotation.

Workshops & Events

From time to time, we also hold community gatherings like apple-pressing and preserving workshops. Sign up for our newsletter mailing list below to receive seasonal updates and notice of upcoming events.

Book a talk or presentation

To book a demonstration or talk about Growing Your Own, or Preserving the Harvest, please contact Stellar Violets’ Founder, Lucinda Giblett.

Recipes & family traditions

If you have a special family preserving recipe and would like to share it, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. Follow our blog to hear preserving stories and recipes from our kitchen as the seasons unfold.

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