Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery

As an arts and cultural centre committed to generational land stewardship, Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery is enriching life, land and tradition to map a holistic blueprint for living in the 21st century.

Our work comprises a series of creative projects, educational talks & workshops, and the goal to build an educational farm and sustainable building.

The vision for Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery is greatly inspired by Foxglove Farm & Centre for Arts, Ecology & AgricultureSan Francisco Filoli GardensSylvestor Manor, and the philosophy informing The Goetheanum.

We’re looking for a permanent location in the south west of Australia. Can you help us to find a place to house our educational farm & sustainable building?


Sustainable Building | Educational Farm

Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery will soon be a physical place in the South West of Western Australia. Our quest to create a vibrant educational farm & sustainable building springs from our aim to reconnect people with nature, food provenance, natural cycles, and how to live in a balanced, healthy manner. Our present focus is seeking land for the project, and, once found, we look forward to sharing the journey, evolution and forthcoming learning opportunities with you.

Life Library

The Life Library offers books and audio-visual material on a variety of subjects relating to “life”. Additionally, it endeavours to become a seed library and seed bank, and thus, a true Library of Life. This is part of our vision to help ensure a secure, healthy food future for our local community. Our Life Stories project records interesting older people, who are willing to share some of themselves, and their lives, for contemporaries and future generations. We encourage everyone to pick up a video camera and record some stories from their grandparents over a cup of tea with scones, jam, and double cream.

Living Museum

Creative projects from the Living Museum showcase healthy, rich and balanced ways of living that work for us, our community, and future generations. The Living Museum provides both a physical place for people to enjoy, as well as an on-line experience for those who don’t have the opportunity to visit face to face. Our permanent location will feature vibrant gardens with seasonal flower displays, productive farmland, dwellings built from natural, highly efficient materials, energy generation, examples of alternative transportation, cradle-to-cradle waste management and nutrient cycling, and wise water and energy use.


Stellar Violets Gallery collection comprises an eclectic array of hanging paintings, sculptures, and other artworks. As part of the proposed Sustainable Building, we’ll offer a farm retreat studio and atelier, where artists-in-residence can practice and share their craft with the local community and visitors. In combination with the Living Museum, the Gallery provides opportunities for people to engage in artistic activities, and learn a variety of skills.

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