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We collect and share local life stories from elders in our community. Where possible we like to centre our stories around a traditional, practical skill, or knowledge that’s related to our work with Stellar Violets. However, an interesting story is always enough in itself. If you search our blog for beekeeping, you’ll follow the story of legendary Manjimup beekeepers, Curly and Jean.


Or if you look up tomato sauce, you ’ll hear about four generations of one local family following matriarch Dorothy’s recipe. We’ve also recorded a series of sustainability talks with Michael Gill, a cherished mentor and recent migrant to nearby Smithbrook. As part of our local life stories project, we’re helping ensure our unique local heritage is recorded, our elders are honoured, and their stories and skills are shared and passed on. If you’d like to record and share a local story from an elder through Stellar Violets, please get in touch.

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