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Plants and trees are beautiful. If not for the presence of enough trees and other plants on earth, humans, and other animals would be unable to breathe. We can last around three weeks without food, less than a week without water, and how long without oxygen? Three minutes, at best.

Like human lungs working in reverse, trees inhale CO2, and exhale oxygen. We live in partnership with trees. Besides providing us with oxygen, trees regulate climate, provide wind protection, shade from the hot sun, and homes for animal life. A lot of trees also provide us with fruits and nuts to eat.

Tree roots bind soil together, preventing landslides and keeping our rivers free from choking mud. They also help create soil that can absorb heavy rains, whilst working as both a water-filter, and slow-release water supply to help our waterways flow crystal clear. Talk about multi-tasking!

When managed well, trees are also an enormously useful, renewable resource for building homes and barns, boats, furniture, musical instruments, all sorts of crockery, bicycles, and home heating and cooking, paper, cardboard, packaging… the list goes on.

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Stellar Violets advocates for change in the way many of us currently use wood to heat homes and cook. With current technology, waste wood can be used more effectively and efficiently. We’re currently working to develop a biochar machine. Read more about our proposed machine’s three-fold use for one batch of waste wood, including energy production and carbon sequestration.


Content credit to Rob Price, a Botanist, Environmental Educator, Nature Photographer and Artist. Contact Rob and view his work

Trees for Mum

 Honour, Remember, Celebrate. 

Celebrate our mums and nurture the environment.

Stellar Violets encourages increased tree planting throughout Australia. This culminates every year on Mothers’ Day, when we facilitate a free community tree planting event, along with hundreds of other groups around Australia. If you’d like to participate in our next planting, please get in touch and let us know. Visit the  Trees for Mum website to learn more about this special national event.

You can also donate here to support Stellar Violets’ Trees for Mum planting.

Trees for Mum 2014


Agroforestry is a rediscovered form of sustainable and creative agriculture, which gives a new role to trees. They become workers of nature. They allow getting the best of the land. 

Ms Benitez Salas, Director. “Sustainability and quality of agriculture and rural development” DG Agriculture, European Commission

Following in the footsteps of some progressive farmers and researchers in France (EURAF – European Agroforestry Federation) we’re working toward creating agro-forestry projects for Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum and Gallery farmland.

If you’d like to become involved in the design, and management, of our agro-forestry systems for productive and educational purposes, please get in touch.

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