The Arts

An artist we met in Italy by the name of Martin Foot spoke to us of beauty. Martin works with marble, the very same marble Michelangelo used.

Surely, we reflected together, it’s in nature, where true beauty resides?

Here at Stellar Violets we have a deep reverence for natural beauty. It is there that the light is so enchanting, bringing us all at once down to earth, and up to the heavens.  Nature offers us these special moments as gifts all the time, if we can just manage to pause, and pay attention.



Making art inspired by nature can help us to meet those moments. We run seasonal botanical arts workshops with local artist and teacher, Rebecca Drake. If you’re interested in teaching a nature-inspired arts workshop or course, please contact us and share your ideas. 


Traditional Skills & Crafts

We also share traditional skills and crafts. Modern life with its many conveniences is not to be taken for granted, or necessarily turned away from. However, we believe it’s truly important for our health and wellbeing to engage with daily life directly, with all our senses. To allow our hands to feel how to knead and bake a good loaf of bread, or to make useful, and beautiful items and artworks, even homes, from clay, wood, and found materials. If feels so good to get our hands dirty, to make, create, and craft, rather than buy.

Please contact us if you’d like to share a traditional skill or craft with Stellar Violets.

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