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Founded by Lucinda Giblett in Manjimup, Western Australia,
Stellar Violets exists to enrich life. Functioning as a collaborative place of beauty and learning, volunteer-led projects map responses to pervasive ill health in self, land and society – the global “whole health” crisis.

Life Library

Publishing House +  1500 books in a train carriage library come apartment

Living Museum

Contemplate life aboard heritage train carriages in flourishing organic gardens 


 Sing in connection with our 8 acre canvas – Stellar Violets Botanic Gardens

We ask, at this crucial juncture, how can we truly enrich life & land?

Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery is an arts & cultural centre helping people & planet flourish.

Our 2020 mission is to plant 8 Acres of Botanic Gardens, & develop  “Girls’ Trip” – immersive educational journeys for young women and their mentors.


Nature Playgroup

Offered seasonally in spring, summer & autumn, our nature playgroup events are run by friendly volunteers in a unique dedicated garden space.

More information coming soon.

Our Vision

Create an inspirational place of beauty & lifelong learning, offering wondrous experiences to help people & planet flourish. 

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Girls’ Trip

Girls’ Trip

What do you long for, for a girl you care about? That she has confidence to speak up, and show...

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Remote volunteering possible during Covid-19


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