Why Stellar Violets?


 Named after founder Lucinda’s grandmothers, Stellar Violets is a restorative place of beauty and learning on 8 acres of land near Manjimup. It exists to reconnect people and nature, and respond creatively to the global “whole health” crisis we are living into now.

To the land  beneath our feet, so generously holding us, we could ask: What might be possible if we allow ourselves the breathing space to fall fiercely in love with the wrens’ song?

When we are in love, how might we imagine its disappearance, its lostness, affects us? How do we feel about that? 

And how then, we might ask, shall we live?

If the wrensong matters as much as anything else in the world,

If life as we know and need it comes down to conjuring the circumstances around which the singing of the wrens might emerge…

If we might preserve their life and life systems, if we could choose this…

How shall we live?



Gardens & magical abodes, publishing, and a community leading change. This dreaming could fruit by 2025 or sooner with your help. Shall we? 


Recovery support

Stellar Violet offers recovery support services in Manjimup, Western Australia and surrounding areas.



January 2nd, 2022: The Sovereign Woman: Animating Imagination. Guided reflection into living with intent. Bookings >

Our Vision

Create an intergenerational place of beauty & lifelong learning, offering wondrous experiences to help people & planet flourish.


The luminous story of a long farewell to a father, told in original poems, and diary notes.

Inside Out Heart by SJP Dooley


SJP Dooley, writer and co-founder of Stellar Violets, offers Inside Out Heart, his first book, to the world. 

By appointment


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About Us

Privacy Policy

Stellar Violets Life Library, Living Museum & Gallery is vastly fortunate to be located and operate on Pibelmun Noongar Boodja, the area commonly known today as the south west of Western Australia.

We wish to acknowledge the traditional, and ongoing custodians of this land, and pay our respects to elders across time. Together we seek to listen deeply for what’s needed, voice truth, foster understanding, and steward this land well.

Stellar Violets supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart. First Nations people should be making decisions about laws that affect their people, and have this written into the Australian Constitution. The present circumstances are unconscionable. Please learn more and enact support at ulurustatement.org