Stellar Violets was founded by Lucinda Giblett, a descendant of two pioneering Western Australian farming families.

After study in Communications and some years of travel, Lucinda returned home to join her father, Harvey, farming organic apples. Before long, she recognised a deep disconnect between people and food provenance. People didn’t seem to know, or even care, how their food was produced, where it was from, and the impact their choices were having on the world.

“To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves.” – Ghandi

Inspired to reconnect people to a more grounded way of life, Lucinda founded Stellar Violets, an arts & cultural centre named after her grandmothers. Stellar Violets’ founding members are Chairperson Dr Felicity Haynes, Vice Chair Jon Doust, Treasurer Yvette Hooper, and Committee Members Alana Marshall, Dales Miles, Genevieve Oldham, Bianca Vallentine, Mark Eyers, and Jenefer Eyers. This mix of inter-generational mix local, inter-state and international members ensures Stellar Violets is locally-focused, outward looking and accessible to people all over the world.

Committee of Management

Stellar Violets is a Western Australian Incorporated Association and Australian Registered Charity (DGR). Our Committee of Management is made up of local, inter-state, and international volunteer members.

 We’re proud to have recently been gifted close to $50,000 from Regal Innovations Pty Ltd, one of Australia’s leading landscaping companies.

Their portfolio of work includes high-profile projects like the Sydney Olympics, Darling Harbour, and the upcoming Barangaroo Redevelopment. The Landscaping Association of NSW & ACT have also become a primary sponsor, thanks to a generous financial gift of support.


Since inception, Stellar Violets has been given wings by ongoing, multi-level sponsorship from Newton Orchards of Manjimup & Valley View Organics. We’re very grateful for this unwavering support.


We’re deeply thankful for the support we’ve received from the following people & organisations. Stellar Violets welcomes financial and non-financial contributions to help further our work. If you’d like to support us, please share our work with friends, family and colleagues, and make a tax deductible donation. If you’d like to provide support in some way, we’d love to talk to you more. Say hello here.