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Stellar Violets’ vision



Create an inter-generational, collaborative place of beauty & lifelong learning, offering wondrous experiences to help people & planet flourish.

unfurling mission

To empower women and girls to take their authentic, deep-rooted place in the whole of their local ecology – to inhabit one’s soul ecology.

Through immersive experiences like workshops, overnight stays, and published offerings, Stellar Violets nurtures & grows creativity, self-confidence, and connection, in reciprocal relationship with nature.

What would be possible if each one of us came to know, and care for the place we inhabit deeply, and intimately? That being – one’s inner, and outer landscape? Friends of Stellar Violets are guided to have a taste of what that might feel like.

And so, through our work, we whisper,

awaken, awaken…

and give attention to the question, 

“How, in this time, shall we live?”

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Stories and multi-media productions calling forth the world our hearts know is possible.

December 2020 Release: Inside Out Heart by SJP Dooley

Coffee Bean


Gardens to tend, extend and receive nourishment from, train carriages to repurpose, dream, relax, and gather in.

Will you join us on the journey? What will you encounter, if you do?

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A Nature Playgroup was established in 2017, and may return in 2021, post Covid – fingers crossed. A pilot girls experience was held in January 2020. Funding is to be sought to enable Stellar Violets to offer a regular-seasonal program tailored for girls & women.

Our Story

Founded in 2012 by Lucinda Giblett in Manjimup, Western Australia, Stellar Violets exists to enrich life. Functioning as a collaborative place of beauty and learning, volunteer-led projects map responses to pervasive ill health in self, land and society – the global “whole health” crisis.


Stellar Violets is a Western Australian Incorporated Association and Australian Registered Charity (DGR). Our Committee of Management is made up of local, inter-state, and international volunteer members, artist collaborators, and professionals giving pro-bono assistance.

Lucinda Giblett

Lucinda Giblett

Founder / Creative Director

Lucinda Giblett is the founder and creative director of Stellar Violets Life Library Living Museum & Gallery.

After completing graduate, and post graduate studies in Communications, and Creative Industries at Curtin, and then QUT and living abroad, in France, Lucinda returned to her family farm in Manjimup, out of which her Stellar Violets dream has emerged.

Lucinda has been recognised for her work by being awarded runner up West Australian Rural Woman of the Year, and is a highly regarded keynote speaker.

Lucinda and Stellar Violets volunteers are dreaming into a world fit for our time, in which the global ‘whole health’ crisis is met with sanity and soul, for the well-being of self, land, and society. Forthcoming creative offerings from Lucinda include piping, poetry, and a book about Stellar Violets’ first ten years.

Committee of Management

Dr Felicity Haynes

Dr Felicity Haynes


Philosopher & facilitator
Tingrith Meeting House, Margaret River

Vive Oldham

Vive Oldham

Committee Member

CEO Mellen Events, Perth

Anthony Marich

Anthony Marich

Committee Member

Beth Blechynden

Beth Blechynden

Committee Member

Manjimup, Western Australia
Social Worker

Alana Marshall

Alana Marshall

Committee Member

Bibliophile & CEO at The Library Within, Perth

Mr Peacock

Mr Peacock

Committee Member

Gatekeeper-Gargoyle at Stellar Violets in Manjimup

Jon Doust

Jon Doust

Vice Chair

Author & speaker, Albany
Latest book: Return Ticket

Yvette Hooper

Yvette Hooper


Stellar Violets Nature Playgroup, Manjimup

Joshua David Thomason

Joshua David Thomason

Committee Member


Robert Stanton

Regal Innovations

Robert gifted $100,000 in start up funding to Stellar Violets through Regal Innovations Pty Ltd; their past projects include the Sydney Olympics, Darling Harbour, &  Barangaroo. 

Harvey Giblett & family

Newton Orchards

 Harvey leads Newton Orchards, family owned and managed fruit growing business in Manjimup that gives  ongoing in kind support  to develop Stellar Violets.

Pro Bono Contributors

A BIG THANK YOU to all our contributors

Jennifer Birkhead

Graphic Design & Marketing

Peter Bowdidge

Content Creator

Abbie Crawford

Environmental Assessment

Toni & Graham Dearle

Pmberton Discovery Tours

Alastair MacGregor

Urban Journey

Paula McKennay

Freelance Floristry

Annie Martyn

Blossom Business

Lori Pensini


Andrew Suttar

CEO of Bubbly

Gwendolyn Wenli

Breathe Easy

Pip Wilsie

Website: Pip N Pop

Zoe & Merez

Swallow Bar


Stellar Violets would like to help girls flourish as they enter that transformational time into early adolescence. 


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