Coming Home to Our Heartland

Live into your deeper life, oh heartland wayfarer

on this first Stellar Violets audio learning journey

with Lucinda Giblett

An easy to download, six-week audio journey

born out of magical Stellar Violets in south western Australia

on this learning journey, explore

slowing down

Balance ‘being and doing’ through stories, heart & contemplative hearth connection

connecting & expressing

Nurture a ‘being with’ people & the ‘genius loci’ – spirit of your place

earth regeneration

Living a Third Way into earth regeneration

An original creative offering, including heartfelt personal stories, mp3 audio, and seven handbooks, for the introductory offer of $159

Coming Home to Our Heartland is an invitation… 

to create and explore active-living-philosophies of life

to put down roots, connect like a forest, and unfurl over time

The journey includes…

  • stories that have never been published

  • concepts to contemplate

  • mythologies to muse over

  • exploring your stories

  • listening with your heart

  • practices and invitations 

  • walking together with others into change

this journey is not a self improvement exercise

And it’s not a quick-fix elixir for transformation and change. If you come along, be prepared to hold your own lantern aloft, to discern your way, whilst also walking with others. I don’t tell people how to think, or what to do. However if you’re not ready to take responsibility for your experience, and the world around us, this journey isn’t for you.

journey features

Listen, or read at your own, easeful pace.

An introduction & six topics with accompanying handbooks featuring personal stories, supportive writings, practices and invitations. You keep the resources to revisit whenever you wish.
week 1
introduction + the heart centre
week 2
sacred reciprocity with our place
week 3
journey into spirituality
week 4
expression from the heart
week 5
ceremony & celebration
week 6
walking a third way

About Lucinda

Heartland wayfarer &

companion at the thresholds

“Among my ancestors are forests, plants, soil life and birdsong. As Anglo-Celtic migrants, my people colonised the land I call home here in Manjimup.

I’m interested in stories, relational connection with the web of life, and truth-telling about our shared south-west history with Noongar Peoples.

I’m concerned for the wellbeing of people and place, which I see as intimately inter-connected. Through, and with Stellar Violets, I seek to bring forth co-creativity in service of local earth regeneration.”

Whilst tending the hearth fires of Stellar Violets, Lucinda facilitates Stellar Violets Placemaking, and learning journeys.

After university studies in Communications and Creative Industries, Lucinda spent years abroad, hearing a quiet call to her ‘deeper life’, whilst unsure what or where that might be. On returning to Manjimup, at home with her ancestors & family she seeded Stellar Violets upon degraded fields. And here-there it was, all along.

A lifework, a place, a lovechild, a beautiful madness: Stellar Violets is many things. As an offering from her heartland place to you and yours, Lucinda’s dream is that you’ll join her and Stellar Violets in co-creating a flourishing place fostering relational connection and wellbeing, stewarded well by our generation, and those to follow.

a word from Lucinda

Being a heartland wayfarer means living from-with the heart. And heart being much more than a beating organ within the body. Heartland wayfaring is in part, about finding how large I can be stretched to love Country. And that’s nothing to do with nationalism, by the way. It’s about my responsibility to love the lands most proximate to where I live day to day. Letting that love take me. And when I say lands, what I really mean is, all the life between earth and sky, human, and other forms. I mean the dirt under my fingernails, beneath the cracking gum leaves during bunuru (second summer), and dewy grass as djeran (autumn) begins. I mean the seeds, sometimes found sprouting, within fallen apples. Our heartlands are life itself, brushing tenderly against my shoulders on early morning walks. It’s the “whoosh” sound of sudden wings through the garden, when all else is quiet. Heartland wayfaring could be told a thousand ways. I’d like to hear yours. Would you tell it to me?

There’s so much rich reflection here, the threads pulled in and through, and the way Lucinda writes... her voice is beautifully unique, and the handbooks are a delight.  What I loved is the invitation to walk my own path.  This struck me as so refreshing amongst a plethora of people selling the ‘one right way’. I’m grateful for her voice of encouragement, to find my own way.  

Vive Oldham, Stellar Violets Co-creator + Life Coach with Vive & Co

As a gift, heartland wayfarers will receive weekly support from Lucinda throughout the journey.

This additional one-to-one support can only be offered for a limited time. Would you like to be among the first special group to walk the trail of Coming Home to Our Heartland? Join today.

This carefully crafted journey

was designed, written and recorded

over the course of six seasons.

Born of a year of determined intent,

a heartland vision sown,

and nurtured to fruition.

Trusting life and creativity, unfurling slowly,

as a vision from a winter’s nest.

Blowing on the low coals of the hearth,

to coax forth creative fire.

Conception and birth

in the first and second spring.

  Then easterlies return

from the desert, to teach me,

to insist and endure. 

When the peak of heat subsides, in relief,

there’s a pulling together, gathering, and harvesting.

karri bark falls again in strips,

revealing pearlescence.

dewy mornings return

Recording at night, in the train carriage

in the quiet

and waking early mornings,

hearing prolific birdsong.

Inspired, I creep out

to place the recorder in the garden.

This journey-experience is to be

shared and savoured  in slow parcels. 

Will you walk it with me?


Here I mark twelve years living right in close with the land, creating Stellar Violets 

on Bibbulmun Country, this beloved home in Manjimup, Western Australia.

With deep gratitude to the Bibbulmun People across time, for caring for this beautiful Country so well, for so long,

for my friends,

all our shared ancestors,

and other-than-human beings that together make life possible.

Thank you to my parents, for giving me life,
and my dear friend Lori,
for trusting me with this… and the giggles.

Lori’s artwork features in the beautiful handbooks.

The Introduction, and first part, The Heart Centre,

will be available for instant download after payment.

Then each Friday, you’ll receive an email, with the next part for instant download. The invitation to correspond with Lucinda is also within.

If you have any issues or questions about this journey…