The Spice Road Pop-Up

We were up at dawn in the mini-market garden, selecting and picking our best carrots, beetroots, potatoes, silverbeet, tomatoes, zucchini, corn, beans and more. Having so much produce in our first season was a marvel. That we were able to “select” at all, a miracle. The Spice Road Pop-Up “Sustainability

Where dwells benevolent belly love and digestion as silky smooth as a babe’s behind? I’m not there yet, but I’m on the way, a far cry from the bedridden mess I was Christmas night. I confess, I’m so glad of heart to be far from the distress in the sand

What is Biochar? Biochar, or biological charcoal is an organic soil conditioner. It’s a carbon rich product made by putting any kind of plant material into a slow burning, oxygen-deprived environment. Carbon Sequestration Viewed through a certain lens, the greatest deficiency in Australian soils is carbon. Charcoal, “biochar,” is the

We attended the inaugural Right to Food Coalition in Casula, NSW, this week, and met a bunch of passionate people who are very aware of the need for access to food for everyone in Australia. The latest Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) report quoted at the conference indicates that:

Coming face to face with a stuffed horse was not what I had expected at Europe’s biggest gathering of electric vehicle enthusiasts. We were in Germany, and likely to see a world record broken, when over 500 electric vehicles gathered together in Stuttgart. Having just converted the Stellar Violets ute

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Terre Vivante, an educational garden farm in France held a special open day. Terre Vivante means “living earth”, and I’d wanted to visit ever since one of their lovely little preserving books fell into my hands. There was no public transport to the closest village.

In the wilds of south-west France we find ourselves in the dappled shade of giant oak and ash trees, at the beautiful Jardin Bourian – a community and demonstration organic garden near Dégagnac. We met one of the Jardin Bourian founders, Jocelyne Bécé, at Jacky Dupéty’s farm. Hearing of our

On a research trip in Europe we met with a french farmer named Jacky Dupéty, living in le Lot in south-west France. He creates living soils using an agro-forestry technique called Ramial Chipped Wood (RCW), or in french, le Bois Raméal Fragmenté (BRF). What does Ramial Chipped Wood involve? RCW

How to make Terra Preta soil, or “From silica alone to 73 elements” with Dr Jürgen Renkin. For some reason I expect to meet a tall, serious, imposing German man. We open the gate and descend into a verdant, diverse food garden. Jürgen is there by the front door waiting

Living in Electric Dreams: How it feels having built a 100% Electric Farm Ute To start off, there’s a fun little button between the seats that you flick to green or red. Green means forward, red is reverse. I feel so Marty McFly / Back to the Future every time

We found Magda and Mundraüb months before arriving in Berlin, just by searching for biochar leads in Germany. Mundraüb means something like ‘scrumping’ in German, and their mission is mapping wild foods and abandoned fruit trees, whilst encouraging us all to see the landscape anew, with a forager’s eye. As

Fearlessly, finally, blogging on from here in Berlin, Germany, where I’m positively flushed with what we might call, the latest Tales from the Toiletten. Just before leaving for our study tour in Europe, I spoke at the 20th Anniversary Natural Resource Management “Tipping Point” Conference dinner on local sustainable food.

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