My mum died from cancer when I was 18 years old. Overnight she slipped away, and our family of five became a family of four. After all the waiting, it was over, and there was nothing to do but slowly start to find our way through the dark. I remember

How to make kale chips

A gift surely from the heavens, is kale chips. As a kid I loved BBQ flavoured samboy chips as a Friday afternoon treat. I was only allowed one “treat” a week and totally would’ve gorged more given the chance, thankfully my Mum kept consumption of junk on a very tight

“I’ve been squeezed dry,” I told a friend in Sydney yesterday as I hugged him hello. I was invited to his garden on a whim to plant an “80 million year old” magnolia stellata, and celebrate with a glass of champagne. The original Granny Smith orchard once grew where it

Mexican Corn Tortillas from garden to gob! To combat early spring chills, I’ve been getting hot under the collar over making Mexican tortillas from scratch. And I don’t mean just buying the “masa harina” flour – this is about processing it from whole, locally-grown Blue Hopi corn! If you, like

how to make Gozlemes

The deliciousness of Turkish Gozlemes is something every person should experience, in my mind. Kids love ’em too. SERVES 4 We use organic and biodynamic ingredients where possible, and avoid products with unnatural, unnecessary additives. Always read labels if unsure. 200g plain natural yoghurt 250 SR flour 1T olive oil

On Sunday, Stellar Violets and friends celebrated and honoured mums, planting persimmons and walnuts alongside Middlesex road. Best Mothers’ Day I’ve had in a long time. A beautiful morning brought a wonderful turnout of friends and families, some coming and going as the planting took place between 9 and 11am,

Browsing a second hand store in Albany last year, I picked up a little book at random and flicked through the pages. A hand written note dropped out, titled, “Recipe for Kombucha Tea”. Fascinated, I read on, finding that to make this curious beverage, one would need tea, sugar and

‘There are only ten minutes in the life of a pear when it is perfect to eat.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Crunchy pears, slightly soft pears, and pears preserved in myriad ways, pears please me in ways many fruits can’t, giving me almost year round

Compost is key to thriving fertile gardens and farms. It helps grow nutrient-rich fresh organic food that’ll make your whole person sing! Once you have the ingredients and you’re ready to start, it’s simple, like making a cake. If possible, grab a couple of friends to help you – it’s

Modern day preserving methods often require using a lot of sugar. And let’s be honest, it produces some special results in the form of jams, chutneys and bottled fruits to enjoy year round. Most methods using sugar demand cooking at high temperatures, which can kill off beneficial health-giving enzymes in

Stumbled across an author called Maureen Murdock this afternoon. I wasn’t a paragraph into the synopsis about her book The Heroine’s Journey when I burst into tears. Maureen is my mum’s name. And the idea of mapping the contemporary woman’s psycho-spiritual journey resonated deeply. I’ve been quietly experiencing feelings of

We’ve spent the past two Saturdays a-merry-making cider; and it was easily the most fun we’ve had all year. Friends are helping us make things happen at Stellar Violets. Local winemaker Dave called up and said he was keen to turn his hand to cider and vinegar. He had a

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