Yesterday, a friend invited us “out the Perup” to dig up some asparagus corms. Due east of Manjimup, the Perup is where people can learn more about, and help look after rare, biodiverse flora and fauna (check out the Perup Nature’s Gues House). There’s also a lovely local apple from

Lighting the way to emancipation from shop-bought tomato sauce, we share this fabulous family recipe, in memory of late Dorothy Ipsen. You'll never need another.

Johann David Wyss’ The Swiss Family Robinson (1981) is a favourite book from my childhood. Shipwrecked on a deserted island, the intrepid family are forced to quickly devise ways to meet their basic needs; one of which was to tame an ostrich to help them travel! As days and months

We’re halfway into a week at Kynjarmen Farm, in the Waikato, a central region on the north island of New Zealand. It’s the home of Stellar Violets founding members, Jen and Mark Eyers. Jen is mother of four grown boys. Skills and essential survival attributes that got her this far

March kicked off a treat when we hosted Canadian energy and finance speaker Nicole Foss for our very first event in Manjimup. She’s been and long gone. But we’re still here, and the future of our communities is still ahead for us to bring into being. So perhaps this belated

How to dry apricots

Easy steps my sister and I followed for sun-drying apricots. 1. Scrub up at least two old flyscreens. We got some on the cheap at the dump. I mean, refuse site. The endorphins are really doing their thing, even at this early stage. 2. Get some tree-ripe fruit. Pick some

Curly flipped a latch and slid open the shadecloth door. Breathing in with pleasure, I looked around. The air was richly scented with beeswax. Old hand-made frames and brood boxes were stacked to the side, some with loose wires needing repair. There were also some plastic tubs and a bookshelf

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