The cottage had an initial renovation in 2010, opening up the north side with french doors and adding a great kitchen. Tired old laundry remained in the prime north-east corner where the sun could potentially shine, and there was still just one bedroom. To increase our ability to host people helping out here and visiting, we made a plan and starting building.

Rob Lockyear, a local plasterer and handyman came on board to help. Originally from England, Rob sings when he works but we don’t hold that against him.

We added two new bedrooms, front door, decking, and moved the toilet and laundry without changing any exterior walls. One of the last things to do on the cottage for this round is connect the cute sink in the loo that we pulled out of a train carriage. That’s being tiled right now! Rob said just now that the rectangular white tiles I chose remind him of vanilla slice. He’s right, they’re pretty delicious.