ancient chestnut 02

Mind blowing Chestnut Trees at Foresters’ Wood, Manjimup, the former Michelides family tobacco farm

(photo credit Nic Giblett)

If I say “Things That Make You Go Mmmmmm….. “

and you think of plants, read on:

Dear Plant Lover,

You love to divide, pollinate, grow, graft, multiply, play… any way you can get it, you want it, basically. Maybe you know your Eremurus  from Echium, Muntries from Midyims and maybe you impress with the yet far more obscure. Or perhaps you’re less concerned with labels, sometimes forgetting the words but never the colour, the scent, or the tune.

House plants, pot plants, every kind of plant love has a place in my heart.

Thus, I would like to connect with people who love plants, study plants, prefer to be near plants, and maybe even sleep beside plants. Edibles, flowers, ferns, mosses, conifers, dwarfs and giants of the tree world, native or exotic, plants in mythology, plants in culture… the whole gambit.

The idea is to rendez-vous in our train carriages sometime next year, in a perfect plant-loving storm for a plant love convention. I’m thinking chats, and a collaborative design session for the expanding “Stellar Violets Gardens”.

We’re open to ideas to shape this event. The questions is… would you like to be involved in organising or contributing in some way? Write to me, for the love of plants, if you do! I’d love to hear from you by the end of January.

We could include an excursion to Finsbury House (a lost aboretum and historic property near here), if we can talk the owner into it. Of course, there’s also nearby Foresters’ Wood, its 100+ yr old chestnuts and marvellous collection of “Trees of the World”.

I’m looking ahead for a moment, to the beauty of autumn, and hoping to hear from fellow plant lovers,


“My soul into the boughs does glide.” (from Marvell’s The Garden)

april 09 030 foresters

Gold fever: old poplars at Foresters’ Wood

(photo credit Nic Giblett)

ancient chestnut


(photo credit Nic Giblett)