Like to see Stellar Violets open and accessible in years to come?

There’s a strong and beautiful foundation in place at Stellar Violets, as anyone who has visited will attest. Do you want to see it come to fruition?

A place of beauty and learning

We’re aiming skyhigh to launch in time for Manjimup’s 2022 Cherry Festival in December.

We need your help to plant & build Stellar Violets.

           Get in touch to find out how to be part of it. 

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An evolving creative wonderland of living art… the enchanting grounds will delight every visitor who is fortunate enough to take a stroll down the garden path.

Alice Boyd


The Living Museum concept evolved slowly since Stellar Violets was founded in 2012, first being ‘mobile’ offering talks and workshops, and travelling with the 100% Electric Ute we built. We longed to create a place that embodied the world we longed to see. A place to grow health and creativity, to work with, to live within, and invite people to experience.

To begin the place-making rail cars trundled in, Nature Playgroup was born, and a garden volunteering program bloomed. Over the years offered up copious baskets of garlic, fruits and vegetables to visitors, Manjimup Produce Swap, and customers further afield.

Stellar Violets has supported life, health, connection and creativity since its beginnings. We’re about to begin our next chapter – will you join us on the journey to a flourishing world?