The lively little community of nearby Northcliffe came together for climate action recently, holding a Climate Picnic and Mandala-Making session beside the local Co-op store and Community Garden. Stellar Violets was invited down for Lucinda to say a few words. Our message? Walk true to your own treasure map. Discover what it is that you love to do, do that, and let it be your answer to the challenges we face. Everybody has a unique gift that can bring a sense of purpose to our life, and value to our community. When we discover it, use it, and share it with others, we begin to build resilient places, and people, fit to face the challenges ahead.

Thanks for much Northcliffe for inviting us along and congratulations for being the first community in the Southern Forests to get together on Climate Action, with over 100 people coming along.

Group shot Climate Picnic for web


Many thanks to Nic and Peter Gwynne, Fiona and Peter Sinclair, Gwen, and many others who helped bring this event together. It was a lot of fun driving our electric ute down and connecting with the Northcliffe crew, and moreover, an honour to be asked to share our story, ideas, and projects.
Northcliffe Climate Picnic

Cin and Simon in the Mandala Northcliffe Climate Picnic 2015 websize