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Food Growing

Over 10 years on the land here at 21 Middlesex Road near Manjimup, we’ve ben learning to grow food. First, it was a few sad looking beans with yellowed leaves, and soon enough, once we learnt to make compost, healthy plants. Beginning first with kitchen garden vegetables and herbs, we developed a 10 x 20 market garden first, then expanded to the back field and added another 30 beds. 

There’s nothing quite like the taste of one’s first ever home-grown broccoli, beetroot, or garlic.

To walk outside the kitchen door and pick herbs or fresh vegetables for dinner is a way of life we’re so in love with, well, there’s no turning back. It’s not all a work in the park, rather plenty of work. The garden as it grows and expand is more often out of hand, plants flower and seed, browning off and scattering to the ground before we can get to them. 

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Preserving the harvest

Pantry shelves lined with colourful preserves is one of the most satisfying sights a person can create for themselves! Preserves from the home garden – or the neighbour’s for that matter – tend to have a taste that bought goods just can’t rival.

It feels so good knowing we have enough preserved summer tomatoes to whip up a pasta sauce, or maybe an exotic Egyptian koshari, anytime throughout Winter and Spring, without going to the shops. Our pantry is always stocked with a variety of jams and chutneys, tomato sauce for BBQs, and lacto-fermented vegetables.  Preserving the harvest using lacto-fermentation was a way of life for human cultures around the world until very recently. It’s history is as rich and varied as nature itself. Follow our friend & advisor, PhD candidate Dr Chan’s for up-to-the-minute health studies and information around all things lacto-fermentation.

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