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Enrich your health & grow Stellar Violets’ projects with a drawstring calico bag of garlic. Our garlic was planted by Stellar Violets volunteers in May 2018, hand weeded many times over winter, and harvested just before our Cherry Festival Summer Picnic event. It was hung in bunches, roots and all, in our open shed to cure with gentle summer breezes over several weeks. Now, we’re trimming it up, packing and sending as you order, and, preparing ground to plant the next crop, we hope, a couple of weeks earlier than last year, to make for an earlier harvest that doesn’t just about clash with our biggest event of the year!


The 500g calico bag of Stellar Selection Garlic includes:

+ Two Life Affirming Large garlic bulbs, of a size that may elicit gasps of wonder when placed whole roasted on the table, or beheld in the palm of one’s hand.

+ Several lovely medium sized bulbs

+ Baby bulbs, because small keeps best.  Small tends to sprout later than large.



Keep garlic in a cool, dark, airy place, and either return the bag to us, or re-use it around the house.

When it starts to sprout, it’s still good to eat, plant, make our favourite paste, or freeze.


Pick up:

Local pick up at Stellar Violets

Perth, Fremantle & surrounds >>> The Attic Café, Fremantle or The Little Shop of Plenty, Maylands


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