Time travelling with Stellar Violets

The Living Museum concept evolved slowly since Stellar Violets was founded in 2012, first being ‘mobile’ offering talks and workshops, and travelling with the 100% Electric Ute we built. But earlier still, Lucinda moved to a humble cottage and worn out field to craft a home and garden. As time went on, Lucinda met Simon, and together they shared a dream to create a place that embodied a healthy culture. A place to grow with, work with, and live within. The cottage and surrounding field were tended season by season.  A community-led Nature Playgroup and garden volunteering program bloomed, old rail cars trundled in, and copious baskets of fruits and vegetables grew.

Stellar Violets has supported life, health, connection and creativity since its beginnings.  As we begin living into 2021 we’re looking to our next chapter.  Join us, if you will, on our journey into a flourishing, regenerative world.

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To begin, an above ground pool, complete with palms and rockeries was heartily removed just north of the cottage. 

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