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A night with friends in Eberswalde, near Berlin, proved fruitful, spurring a Terra Preta making lesson with Dr Jürgen Renkin, and a visit to Nils Aguilar. Nils recently produced a film called Voices of Transition, due to be released and distributed in Australia later this year.

He’s based at a co-working and learning space called ThinkFarm in Berlin. There, in only one year, an enticing workplace concept has emerged. Already there are around fifty people from various social enterprises and organisations working side by side.  ThinkFarm is easily the best we’ve ever seen in co-working spaces – an all-together enticing set up.

Along with the tour of ThinkFarm, he also gave us, as we’d hoped, some agricultural leads to follow up in France.

Nils encouraged us to look into a soil improvement technique with roots in Québec and France called BRF, le bois raméal fragmenté, or ramial chipped wood. He gave the name of a knowledgeable farmer called Jacky Dupéty, of “Ferme du Pouzat” in the region Midi-Pyrenées. Apparently Jacky not only practices BRF, he is also expert in dryland cultivation. Both are of interest to us, particularly given the possibility of a drying climate where we’re growing in south-western Australia.

We contacted Jacky and ended up visiting him in France – read all about it here. Merci bien Nils for playing your part in this European woodland treasure hunt.

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