Stumbling on melons as I pass
Ensured in flowers
I fall on grass

– Extract from Marvell’s The Garden, 1681

Grandfather George, who founded Newton Orchards with his brother Harold, once referred to our land here in Manjimup as “this other Eden.” He was said to be a literary man, so maybe he read Marvell. He did read Yogananda Paramahansa, which is quite amazing, especially for the time and place.

The reality is this. When I stumble on melons and slide on peacock slop, when the 2L glass jar of perfectly set 24 hour hand begot goat milk yoghurt slips through fingers to smash, I swear, shout, and throw down like a three-year-old.

This is not anyone’s soft, yielding bed of flowers. Kick the melon, despair the yoghurt, yell at the peacock and consider giving it all up. For a long moment in time, an easy-care townhouse in a wall to wall ‘burb with no garden and a supermarket boxhood looks good.

Sigh, salvage half the melon kicked open in rage, take a bite, and realise it is true. Just like that Corsican melon farmer said back in 2014.

“C’est le gout du soleil.” It’s the taste of the sun.

Damn you Marvell. I mean, ok Marvell, but did you have a hand in growing those melons?