Who we are

Stellar Violets founder

Lucinda Giblett

Lucinda writes, gardens, and
brings creative direction to Stellar Violets

Founder / Creative Director

In tending the hearth fires of Stellar Violets, Lucinda’s deepest care is for the web of life. This care is outworked through Stellar Violets Place-making, writing (check out our latest blog), and an audio learning journey called Coming Home to Our Heartland. 

After studies in Communications, and Creative Industries at Curtin and QUT, Lucinda travelled for many years abroad, before eventually returning to her homelands, around Manjimup.

Here, alongside her family apple orchards, Lucinda felt called to begin Stellar Violets. A dream, a lifework, a lovechild, a beautiful madness: Stellar Violets is many things. Most of all, it’s an offering from Lucinda’s heart and a quest to co-create the world many of us long for.


Place-making, Learning, Story-telling, Growing, Connecting, Belonging, Caring


Committee of Management

Stellar Violets is a Western Australian Incorporated Association & Australian Registered Charity (DGR), founded in 2012.

Our Committee of Management is made up of local, inter-state, & international volunteer members. We’re further supported by our partners, and a number of pro-bono professionals, multi-disciplinary leaders and contributors.

Jon Doust

Jon Doust


Alana Marshall

Alana Marshall

Committee Member

Vive Oldham

Vive Oldham


Joshua D. Thomason

Joshua D. Thomason

Committee Member

Yvette Hooper

Yvette Hooper


Mark & Jennefer Eyers

Mark & Jennefer Eyers

Committee Members

We’d like to acknowledge our gratitude is also with our former Committee members. Founding Chairperson, Kate Gargett, past Chairpersons Dr Felicity Haynes & Gwendolyn Wenli, past Treasurer Peter Dooley, & past Committee Members Bianca Vallentine, Dale Miles, Beth Blechynden, & Anthony Marich.


Harvey Giblett & family

Newton Orchards

Newton Orchards is a multi-generational family business in Manjimup giving ongoing in-kind support to develop Stellar Violets.


Paint donations

Paint for our Trolleybus restoration

Robert Stanton

Regal Innovations

Robert donated 100K startup funds


"Restoration is at our heart"

Door & window hardware for interior fitout

Pro Bono Advisors & Contributors

Stellar Violets is further supported by the generosity & goodwill of pro-bono professionals and multi-disciplinary leaders.
Lori Pensini

Lori Pensini


Simon Dooley

Simon Dooley

Jennifer Birkhead

Jennifer Birkhead

Design & Marketing

Fiona Bishop

Project Management, Innovation

Peter Bowdidge

Content Creator

Abbie Crawford

Environmental Assessment

Edward M. Harran

Community Activation, Innovation

Alastair MacGregor

Urban Journey

Annie Martyn

Blossom Business

Andrew Suttar

Systems & Innovation

Gwendolyn Wenli

Yoga & Sound Healing

Pip Wilsie

Pip N Pop