Dreaming of aborous glory: Planting Trees for Mum on Mothers Day in 2015

Travelling and gardens don’t marry well. Maybe this is why recognising my inheritance of Mum’s passion for gardening took time to make itself known. I wandered gardens in faraway places, even had a cry in a meadow at Kew, because it was beautiful, and she had loved it there. When I found home back here I grew up, I started a garden. And these days, not much feels better than planting, especially on Mothers’ Day.

How fortunate that we can spend a morning on a highway verge to plant a stand of trees that I hope will be growing a hundred years from now. There is much to be grateful for. This is the third year I’ve joined a merry little crew to plant Trees for Mum​ on Mothers’ Day. A little more barren land now holds the promise of… arborous glory! I just discovered the word “arborous”, it popped into my head and I had to check whether or not it was in the dictionary. It was. Sounds like a cross between amorous and arbor – Tree Love. So that’s my piece for today, after receiving this neat little film from my friend and fellow tree enthusiast, Peter Bowdidge​.

A barren highway verge + Fifteen Scarlet Oak Trees + dedicated volunteers celebrating Mothers’ Day + incredible support from Manjimup Shire + a local business donating time digging holes (cheers Cain Contractors) = a fantastic Trees for Mum, in 2015. We’re grateful to everybody involved for helping us make Mothers’ Day meaningful with Trees for Mum.

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