Recipe: The Ultimate Garlic Paste

Recipe: The Ultimate Garlic Paste

Lara McCall of the amazing Burnside Organic Farm changed my life for the better the day she shared this recipe with me. Our fridge bulges with jars of this paste. Make enough to last a year, harvest your garlic, save some to plant, some to roast whole, make paste with the rest, repeat. Here at Stellar Violets it’s slathered on bread, spooned into all manner of dishes, and eaten straight from the jar. No-one leaves without demanding the recipe. Now lovely Lara has agreed to share it here. Merry Christmas.

Garlic Paste

Keeps for a year in the fridge.

This recipe was passed to me by a Lebanese friend Nadji. Passed down from his grandmother. I love to keep sharing this amazing recipe.


Quality sea salt 3 to 4 teaspoons

Lemon juice about 1 cup

Extra Virgin Olive oil about 1- 1.5 litres

500g of peeled garlic (takes a while to peel, set aside a good amount of time or use 2 same sized stainless steel bowls, shake garlic with bowls together).

Peel the garlic, remove the rough end

Place in the food processor with the salt

Blend until a paste

As the food processor is running, start adding the oil in a fine stream, approx half a litre

Add half the lemon juice

Continue with the oil, alternating oil, lemon juice, until the paste thickens.

Taste and add salt if necessary.

If too thick, add more lemon juice

If too liquid, add more oil.

Place in jars.

Pour more oil on top to cover.

Seal and refrigerate.

Can also place in pantry unrefrigerated. It will ferment and taste milder.

The salt is important as it is the preservative. The lemon juice is for acidity to keep it safe.