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We attended the inaugural Right to Food Coalition in Casula, NSW, this week, and met a bunch of passionate people who are very aware of the need for access to food for everyone in Australia.

The latest Australian Council of Social Services (ACOSS) report quoted at the conference indicates that:

13% of Australians do not have sufficient access to food.

It was encouraging to be with so many people who are working on enabling access to food for all.

One of the main lessons from the conference was that while a lot is being done to enable access to food for all, the problem is actually worsening, and, unless a combined whole of government, private, and NGO approach takes place we will see even more people missing out on the basics.

One of the many organisations helping to redistribute good food is Ozharvest who are commencing operations in Western Australia this month. Keep an eye out for their yellow vans.

While this problem can feel, and appear to be, overwhelming, we know that the focused work of many can overcome apparently insurmountable challenges. We don’t have “The Be All & End All Solution” but we do encourage everyone to do what they can.

In our mind some levels of self-sufficiency are a start, but your contribution could be anything. But, it is clear that we all have to do something to contribute towards greater access to food for all. Please join us by doing whatever you feel to do, and, if you’d like to share your ideas, let us know what you’re up to. And, of course, if you’re looking for inspiration check out some of our projects, or those of our partners on our site. Happy growing :  )

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