how to make Gozlemes

by | Aug 6, 2013

The deliciousness of Turkish Gozlemes is something every person should experience, in my mind. Kids love ’em too.


We use organic and biodynamic ingredients where possible, and avoid products with unnatural, unnecessary additives. Always read labels if unsure.

  • 200g plain natural yoghurt
  • 250 SR flour
  • 1T olive oil
  • 150g grated tempeh or minced lamb (optional)
  • black cumin seeds or ground cumin
  • chilli flakes or powder
  • 2T homemade tomato juice / sauce
  • 150g fresh mixed greens sliced finely eg spinach, kale, silverbeet. I pick a mix of leaves from the garden without measuring
  • fresh mint leaves – shred and add with the greens
  • 100g fetta (we like sheep and goat)
  • olive oil for frying
  • fresh lemon wedges, to serve

Yay for Gozlemes!


  1. Clean your hands of sticky dough by rubbing them together with a little flour
  2. Sprinkle semolina on your pizza tray and a little on your bench, it will help the dough slide and not stick.
  3. They can be made, refrigerated, and brought out just before cooking the next day.


1. Beat yoghurt with salt ’til smooth. Add flour slowly, mix until it becomes a rough dough. Tip onto lightly floured bench, gently knead ’til dough is smooth, soft, and a bit sticky. Put the dough in an oiled bowl and rest, covered, for 30 minutes.

2. If you’re using tempeh or lamb: heat oil and fry with salt and pepper ’til browned. Add crushed garlic, cumin, and chilli to your taste (a big garlic cloves, and a pinch of spices if you’re not sure). Stir and fry, then add a tablespoon or two of tomato juice/sauce/chutney to bolster flavour, cook for another minute, then allow to cool.

3. Shred the greens. Mix the greens in with the tempeh and lamb if needed, or for cheese and spinach gozlemes, mix the spices with the greens at this point. I would rub the rolled out dough with crushed garlic as I assemble them.

4. Split the dough into four balls. Using a little additional flour on the bench, roll out balls into 30cm circles. Use a rolling pin or if need be, a wine bottle! Over half of each circle, place 1/4 of the greens and/or tempeh mix, sprinkle generously with fetta, and additional chilli if you wish. Fold over and seal the edges with fingers or a fork.

5. For oven cooking: Preheat the oven, get it as hot as you can! I go to 210-230C and have pizza stones in there to cook the Gozlemes on. Brush with oil before putting in the oven. Cook one side, then turn over and cook the other side to golden brown. You could also use an oiled, preheated BBQ hotplate or frying pan.

6. Cut into inch strips or quarters, serve with a pinch of sea salt and a hearty squeeze of fresh lemon.