Making Mothers’ Day meaningful planting Trees For Mums on Stellar Violets verge in 2013

by | May 13, 2013

On Sunday, Stellar Violets and friends celebrated and honoured mums, planting persimmons and walnuts alongside Middlesex road. Best Mothers’ Day I’ve had in a long time. A beautiful morning brought a wonderful turnout of friends and families, some coming and going as the planting took place between 9 and 11am, with a few notables turning up just as the apple pie was served – nice one Dad.

The whole thing warmed my heart, as I’ve wanted to do something like this for years. It was especially cool being asked by a little girl if she could come back and pick some fruit from her tree one day.

“Yes, and not just from the one you planted, you can gather fruits and nuts from all these trees!”

Can’t wait until they all come into leaf, and begin blossoming one day. That we may wander amongst them, admiring their beauty, and plucking fruit from low slung branches. We decided over morning tea that a new local tradition has been born – tree planting on Mothers’ Day. Anyone else inspired?

Trees for Mum is a series of Mothers’ Day memorial tree-planting events, originally created for members of the community whose mothers had passed away. The events have since evolved into celebratory tree planting events for all mothers and take place annually on the second Sunday in May – Mother’s Day in Australia. 

Like the sound of this? Read about Trees for Mum with Stellar Violets in 2014, and again in 2015. Both blogs feature a beautiful little video taken by Pete Bowdidge. Going forward, we’d like to revive planting Trees for Mum, on our nine acres. Interested to learn more? Hop over to Stellar Violets Placemaking.